Pay Per Click Advertising

The fastest way to get high-quality leads for your business. 

Get High Intent Traffic From Google Search

Google Pay Per Click is a great strategy to supercharge your lead generation. Google PPC allows you to pay a fee to appear at the top of the search results and start getting leads looking for your services almost immediately.

How Does Google Ads Work?

Let’s say you’re a Plumber and someone types in “plumbing repair near me”. With Google PPC you can bid on the top search result location and pay per click on your ad. Once a click turns into a lead, you have an opportunity to convert that lead to a customer.

What’s Included With Our Pay Per Click Services?

  • Real-time and monthly reports
  • In-house services, we never outsource
  • Campaign & keyword research, ad copywriting, and competitor research
  • Area Exclusivity, we only work with one business per industry, per geographical area. Send us a message to see if your area is available.
  • You set the monthly budget
  • Ongoing ad testing, keyword testing, and landing page optimizations.

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