Below you will find a list of Our Specialties that can and will

transform your business

Our Proven Services That Give You A Marketing ROI

We utilize a multi-channel approach to get more inbound, qualified leads for your business.

Search Engine Optimzation

Get your website to position #1 and get high quality leads/calls from search engines

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SEO can be a incredible tool for generating more visitors to your website and is typically the number one source of leads. At Gold Road, we strive to get each of our clients to do SEO as it has incredible long term ROI and is truly an investment into the company’s future.

Social Media Marketing

Broaden your marketing reach locally and nationally

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 80% of all internet users are on Facebook.

Facebook can be a great way to generate affordable leads for your business, with some of the most specific targeting in the industry. 

Audience & Traffic Analytics

Lead & Call Tracking so we know exactly what is working. We always base decisions off of data.

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Know all the details of who is coming to your site, how they are getting there, how long they are staying there, what pages they like the most, how many are becoming customers, and how we can improve our site to get more customers.

WordPress Website Design

The foundation of your marketing and digital home of your brand. Be sure to get it right the first time.

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Your website must combine the best of technology and creativity, living at the corner of innovation and intuition. In other words, it has to be beautiful, clear, and advanced all at the same time. We take the time to understand who you are and what you want, tying your website’s design directly to your vision and goals.


Google Pay Per Click

Supercharge your marketing by connecting with people already looking for your service.

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Google ads are a great way to match your services with customers already in need of them. Google ads are faster than SEO, easier than SEO, and scalable. The Odds are your competitors are using Google ads.

Landing Page Creation

Maximize your ROI when running a paid Social Media/Search campaign. 


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Landing pages are the weapon of choice when it comes to running paid advertising campaigns such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads. It is absolutely critical that we maximize every dollar spent. Landing pages allow us to create a single pages with minimal features which optimizes the conversion rate of visitors

Our Work

Helping your business reach the next level of success is our goal. SEO, PPC, FB and WordPress site design is how we help you reach your goals and is our passion. Let’s partner up and achieve your business goals

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